All Indians living in New Zealand do visit India every couple of years for holidays or for visiting family & friends. You will be amazed to know that there are number of ways we can earn back our vacation costs and even earn more than your travel costs. ...(More...)

It’s 5.00 PM, Sunday evening in Auckland and I got a phone call from my family in Fiji that I urgently need to reach Fiji by next available flight due to some family emergency. I called airlines to buy a ticket for the next earliest flight departing at 11.45 PM. I told the ticketing officer that I have a New Zealand passport which is expiring after 2 months, and there comes the bolt from ...(More...)

You can visit Taj Mahal in Agra from Delhi in one day and return back to Delhi easily. You can go from delhi  by Air, By Road by taxi & bus and also by Train....(More...)

In every city all over the world the trafic congestion on roads leading to airports has increased the travel time to airport by 30 to 60 minutes. When you have to spend extra 1 hour to reach even airport because of traffic logjams, over the last few years travelers have learned the benefits of online check-in from saving precious time at the airport to choosing seats. You can do online ...(More...)

Australian Visitors Visa – Subclass 600) – File through Travel India withou any hasels Travel India, New Zealand is one of the very few travel companies in New Zealand that provide complete Visa and passport services for its clients including Australian Immigration services. However, we don’t provide New Zealand imm...(More...)

Liquids that passengers normally carry in their carry-on bag includes Gels, Tooth Paste, Creams, Oil, Mouth Wash, aerosols, water, juice, etc.   Particularly passengers traveling to U.S, Australia, NZ, UK and Europe are allowed to bring only a quarter-sized bag of above items (not more than 100...(More...)

Nationals of following countries are not required to obtain a visa to travel to Japan. New Zealand & Australian nationals are exempted to obtain a visa to travel to Japan. However, Indian Nationals or Indian passport holders who want to travel to Japan require a visa. Visa Exemption Countries for Japan ...(More...)

Travel India Limited, Auckland provides Australian Visa Services for its clients. We make the process of getting Australian Transit Visas & Australian Visitors Visa very smooth and easy. If you have booked tickets for an airline which has a stopover in Australia, you will need a tran...(More...)

All About Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 - Best Japan Travel Deals in NZ The countdown to Rugby World Cup Japan - 2019 has already begin. If you are planning to experience this rare world sporting event in Japan first hand then you need to contact our specialist Japanese Travel Consultants here in Auckland, they ...(More...)

For NRIs & Foreigners During your visit...(More...)

In this article by Shreya Suresh Kumar published in www.india.com, you can find details about some of the best eco-travel destinations in India. The full article can be read at the following india.com link: http://www.india.com/travel/articles/indias...(More...)

First Passport for a Child born in New Zealand to Indian Parents - Get it through Travel India easily How to get an Indian passport for a child who is born in New Zealand of Indian parents (who have Indian passports)? The first step is to get the registration of birth of the child with the High Commission of ...(More...)

Travel India, North Shore, Auckland New Zealand is one of the very few travel companies in New Zealand that provide complete Visa and passport services for its clients including Australian Immigration services. However, we don’t provide New Zealand immigration services. Travel India’s professionals can complete and prepare your application for Indian OCI (Overseas Citizen of...(More...)

ALL ABOUT INDIAN E-VISA Travel India, North Shore, Auckland provides Indian E-Visa online filing services for its clients. We make the process of applying Indian E-Visa Online very simple and easy. You leave all the application filing and documentation in the hands of ...(More...)

In recent past number of travel agencies have suddenly gone bankrupt or closed shops leaving large number of customers without tickets which they had apparently purchased several months in advance. These customers were shocked, when they went to airport to catch their flights, and were told that there exist no tickets in their names. The piece of paper which they thought was E-tick...(More...)

North Shore specialist Japan Travel Agents Are you planning to travel to Japan for business or for Japan holidays or for visiting your family and friends in Japan? You have reached the right place. You can call our Japan travels specialist, who can speak with you in Japnese and can provide you complete travel informa...(More...)

Report it immediately in either of the following ways whichever is suitable in your circumstances: Contact the relevant issuing Bank on following 24/7 phone Numbers; or Contact any Branch of the relevant ...(More...)

YOU MUST PREPARE YOUR WILL IF YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY When you die without a will it is the COURT that will decide which family members will inherit your assets & estate and in what proportion. In most cases Courts distribute your estate among your spouse, children, parents, brothers & sisters or other close rel...(More...)

Eco Travels: What is eco travel or eco tourism? How Can Travel India help you in Eco Travel / Green Travel? The term Eco Travel or Eco Tourism or Green Travel or Sustainable Travel means - Responsible/Sustainable travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. With Travel India's Flight Centre consultan...(More...)

Travel India provides professional services of getting your Indian passports cancelled when you obtain New Zealand citizenship. The Indian Citizenship Act, 1955, does not allow dual citizenship. Holding Indian passport/acquiring Indian passport/travelling on Indian passport after acquisition of foreign citizenship constitutes an offence under the Indian Passport Act, 1967, and attracts ...(More...)

How to renew Indian Passport in New Zealand? How to Reissue Indian passport for applicants over 18 year of age? Travel India, New Zealand is one of the very few travel companies in New Zealand that provide complete Visa and passport services for its clients including Aust...(More...)

As you all know there are thousands of travel agencies in New Zealand, thousands and thousands of travel agents in New Zealand (NZ) and travel brokers in New Zealand (NZ), then we wonder why would New Zealanders choose Travel India, North Shore, a New Zealand Travel agency for their travel needs. Our customers in New Zealand choose Travel India as their trusted travel agents because tra...(More...)


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