For NRIs & Foreigners

During your visit to India if you need an India mobile sim connection you are required to submit a written application in the prescribed application form, which will be supplied by the vendor. As per new rules foreigners also need to submit CAF form regarding residence proof in India which will also be supplied by the vendor/shop owner. The following documents need to accompany your application:

  1. Two recent colour passport size photographs;

  2. Original & Copy of your passport & visa;

  3. Copy of PAN card (Only if you have one (it is like IRD number in NZ);

  4. Copy or preferably original proof of address in your resident country (like for NZ residents copy or original Power/Phone bill or copy of your NZ driving license carrying your address or a recent bank statement showing your name and address;

  5. Proof of address in India where you will be staying. If you will be staying in a hotel then the address & phone number of that hotel needs to be given, it will be better if you can get copy of hotel\'s bill/receipt.

    If you will be staying with your relative/friend, you must give his/her full name, address and preferably a copy of residence proof of that relative in the form of his power/phone bill, his driving license or his PAN copy, etc which you can ask him to send by email to you before you leave NZ.


Your signature on the application form must be a perfect match with your signatures\' shown in your passport. This is very important, failing which your application may be declined.

Maximum time taken to activate your new sim card is normally 24 hours, however most of the time it is done in few hours if you buy your sim from a reputable retailer and your documents are in order. You will get a verification call and thereafter your sim card will get activated.


All sim cards issued to foreigners are valid for 3 months. After 3 months every foreigner is required to get it renewed.

From where you can buy a SIM card in India?

The international airport kiosks of major mobile service providers;

From numerous cell phone vendors in every small and major shopping areas, malls and also several “Nukad” shops (home shops) around residential areas in all cities and villages;

If you plan on traveling to different states in India, be sure to get roaming activated on your SIM. Otherwise, you will have to buy separate SIM cards at every new state that you visit.

Who are leading Mobile Service Providers in India?

The most popular mobile service providers in India are Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, Aircel and MTNL/BSNL.. You can get both micro and normal sim card sizes.

In terms of costs, the rates and packages are similar. You should choose a provider based on the areas where you plan to travel. For the major cities, Airtel or Vodafone are good options, whereas BSNL has the widest coverage throughout rural areas too.

3G and 4G data plans are available in several major cities.

You can recharge your sim online on provider\'s websites as well as from retail cell shops.

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