When you die without a will it is the COURT that will decide which family members will inherit your assets & estate and in what proportion. In most cases Courts distribute your estate among your spouse, children, parents, brothers & sisters or other close relatives. If some distant relative or friend files a claim over your estate, then the whole process might end up in a lengthy and painful court battle. Your spouse & children might not be able to access even $2 lying in your bank account till the court decides.

If you die without a will your spouse or children will have to follow a lengthy legal process to get Court order to inherit your estate which can run into weeks, months and even years.

Most people want to distribute their property differently than the Court would distribute it. For example, many people want to leave everything for their spouse and children only or some might also like to leave gifts to friends, neighbours, girlfriends, boyfriends, schools, or charitable organizations – and without a will that will not be possible. If you want other people or organizations to inherit some of your property, or if you want to decide the proportions of your gifts, a will can make sure your wishes are followed.

LIVING IN AN INDIAN JOINT FAMILY? - You must prepare a will 

As joint families are quite common among Indians & Asians, dividing your assets among your joint family might become complex, complicated and result in conflicts, disputes and avoidable pain for your loved ones whom you wanted to give your estate. As such A WILL REDUCE FAMILY CONFLICTS & DISPUTES AFTER YOU DIE”

With a will You can:

  • name an executor to wrap up your estate
  • name guardians for your children and their property
  • create trusts for your children or other young beneficiaries
  • forgive debts, and more.

A Will Must Meet Legal Requirements

When you make a will, you have to adhere to legal requirements. Most wills are typed formal documents that must be signed by the will maker and two witnesses who won’t get anything from the will. We are also providing instructions with the sample will to meet the legal requirements for your will.

Now you can make your legally binding will yourself very easily with the Will sample you can download from Travel India Limited’s website below.

This sample comes with a detailed instruction sheet on how to create your legally binding will and how to store it.

Lawyers charge between $300 to $500 for preparing Wills, which might be unaffordable for many New Zealanders. The Travel India is providing this sample of  a standard Will and detailed instructions free of cost as its corporate social responsibility towards New Zealand community. A Will created according to the attached sample and as per the attached instructions will go a long way in securing the future of your loved ones after you die.

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The will sample is for standard/basic wills and is not suitable for trusts, family trusts or complex matter, for which you must consult your lawyer.

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