Travel India provides professional services of getting your Indian passports cancelled when you obtain New Zealand citizenship.

The Indian Citizenship Act, 1955, does not allow dual citizenship. Holding Indian passport/acquiring Indian passport/travelling on Indian passport after acquisition of foreign citizenship constitutes an offence under the Indian Passport Act, 1967, and attracts penalties. The Government of India has prescribed imposition of penalty on a graded scale, depending on number of trips made on Indian passport after acquiring foreign nationality, for the violation of Passport Rules and retention of Indian Passport for more than 3 years after acquiring of foreign nationality.

As such it is of utmost importance that you get your Indian Passport cancelled when you obtain New Zealand passport. You can apply for OCI only after due cancellation of your Indian Passport.

The normal Indian Government fee for cancellation of Indian Passport when you acquired foriegn citizenship after 2010 is $335 per person if the passport is surrendered within 3 years of acquiring foreign citizenship. This fee is correct as on 17th September 2018 (Please verify the applicable fee from us). We charge $40 per person as our fee for completing your application and all documentation for cancellation of your Indian Passport.

The main documents required to be filed with Indian consulate in Wellington for cancellation of your Indian passports are:

Dully filled application form for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship
& Cancellation of Indian Passport;

  • Form XXII duly attested by Notary/Justice of Peace;
  • Photocopy of Citizebship Certificate;
  • Original Indian Passport;
  • One Passport size photograph;
  • Banksers Cheque for fee plus penalty, if any;
  • Self-addressed courier envelope with Tracking;

You can yourself file this application, however when you get it done through Travel India Limited you are sure that everything is done professionally as per the requirements.

The processing time for this service by the Indian consular is 15 working days to 6 weeks.

You can file your OCI application only after you file the above application and you receive the renunciation certificate, only after which you can file OCI application.

For more details please contact professionals at Travel India, North Shore, Auckland.